J1. How did you employment after business school compare to what you thought you would do?

Answers are all over the map. Exactly the same. Completely different. Something in between.

Variances seem to be dependent on exposure to new experiences (in school or internships), new ideas, new people, and unexpected opportunities.

Very different

Gaurav Bhattacharyya

I didn't think I was going to do consulting

Jeff Haxer

All I knew was that I didn't want to do consulting again; and yet, I'm still in consulting 4 years out of school

Saritha Peruri

I thought I would do international development; then I did an internship in ID and realized I never wanted to do that

Ezra Englebardt

Not quite 100% different, but very, very different

Somewhat different

Sheila Krishnan

I ended up doing a non-profit, which is similar to my essays; but I did consulting right out of school; school opened new doors

Roy Johanson

I expected to stay longer in consulting; I didn't expect the set of opportunities that came up

Wendy Lu

Same industry as I expected, but a different function; learned through an internship that I was interested in organizational development

Pretty close

Elizabeth Kearney

Had a bad experience with my first job out of business school; exactly the right job on paper, and what I said I wanted

Kahn Jekarl

I thought it worked out really well; I wanted to impact the gaming industry, and that's what I'm doing

Chris Gallant

It's pretty close to my essays: consulting then entrepreneurship; but I'm not sure I knew what that meant when I wrote the essays

Absolutely identical

Benjamin Olds

Exactly what I went to school to do