H7. Anything else you would have done differently in your application process?

The MBA application is just plain hard. Most of the MBAs felt like they did the best they could on their applications given their situation.

A few MBAs had some recommendations for improving the process. A few common answers were to visit the school as early as possible, take a break between the GMAT and application, and to start the whole process earlier.

Ben Cohen-Leadholm

…    No

Would have started earlier, been more organized

Aryanne Ferranti

I turned it in last minute; in a rolling admissions process, the ealier you can submit, the better

Jeff Haxer

I winged the applications; if I had been more organized, it would have taken less time

Christina Chang

Would have started earlier and submitted round 1; would have made Christmas so much better!

Would have visited the schools earlier

Jonathan Achenbach

I would have done more research before applying; specifically, once I visisted the schools, a few of them were clearly not a good fit

Wendy Lu

Would have visited the schools earlier in the process; fit is a crucial part of the decision process; could have narrowed the list of schools

General advice

Daniel Siegman

I would have thought even harder about why I wanted an MBA; have current MBAs read your essays; prep before you get the interview

Anjali Saraf

I would have waited until I had 3 years work experience; don't go too early

David Sauvage

My tone was a little arrogant, with unnecessary swagger; take the tone you would take with your best friend who's asking a serious question about your future

Tom Rose

I would have cut some schools out; there's no reason to apply to 10 schools

Chris Gallant

Tried to present myself as having business experience I didn't have; should have just focused on my passion, ambition, and success

Kasey Miller

Only apply to schools because your heart is in it; don't apply to a school because someone told you to

David Adams

Would have given myself a break between the GMAT and the application writing

Eric Dittmar

Would have talked with my friends first about the application; they sometimes know you better than you do