H4. Did you provide “supplemental information”? (that giant blank spot on the application)

It's a pretty even split on this question. Some people had nothing more to say. Some used it as an opportunity to tell another story, to add new information. Some used it to explain something odd or negative in their application.



Aryanne Ferranti

I didn't think there was anything wrong with my application

Eric Dittmar

I put so much effort into my applications, there was nothing left!

Roy Johanson

I'll send you my 200 page dissertation if you really want me to

Ashish Kasturia

No, the rest of the application had enough information

Yes, to add additional information

Elizabeth Kearney

As a crisis counselor, wanted to emphasize that I could help my classmates during times of stress

Andi Rugg

I basically wrote another essay; it was a good way to explain my 3 themes in one coherent place

Gaurav Bhattacharyya

Used it to talk about a non-professional example; give them more of a sense of who you are

Benjamin Olds

Yes, for shock value: no one else in my family had gone to college

Yes, to explain something negative or odd

Jay Wong

Explained some timing issues with my GMAT score - fell just short of my expectations

Kahn Jekarl

There was a gap in my professional experience; went back to help my parents with their business

Harpreet Marwaha

Wanted to explain my one 'C' grade in college

Christina Chang

Wanted to explain my startup experience; use this space to explain an odd thing in your resume

Anjali Saraf

Wrote a short essay about my quant skills and that I could handle the MBA course load