H3. If you were waitlisted, what was your strategy for getting a spot in the class?

Getting waitlisted is common. About 20/55 of our MBAs got waitlisted, and about 10/55 were waitlisted at the schools they ended up attending. Including me. Getting waitlisted is not the end of the game - you're still in it.

The strategies for getting off the waitlist varied, but had a few common elements:

  1. Give the admissions committee new information (e.g., promotions, new achievements)
  2. Talk with alumni, ask them to write endorsement letters and say "If he/she is accepted, they will come"
  3. Send another recommendation letter
  4. Call the admissions office, write letters, and show up at events to demonstrate sustained and continuing interest; say "If accepted, I will come"
  5. Ask about any specific gaps or questions, then address them
  6. Keep in mind that these schools are trying hard to manage yield rates (# of accepted students / # of students who enroll)

If you get on the waitlist for a school that you will not be attending, it's polite to write them a letter to remove yourself from the waitlist.

There are more details about these strategies in the videos below.