H1. What qualities of yourself were you trying to convey to the admissions committee?

There's a wide range of answers to this question. Most people were trying to convey some set of qualities, but there wasn't much consensus about which qualities were most valuable.


Almost everyone chose multiple qualities to convey to the admissions committee. They selected those qualities based on their background, experience, and personal belief about what was valuable and useful.



Wade Barnes

I'm a proven leader and I know what I want to do with my Tuck MBA

Ken Blewett

Leadership was my strongest asset; wanted to differentiate from other military applicants

Tom Rose

Leadership, ambition, drive, and I'm a nice guy

My personality

Jonathan Achenbach

So much of an MBA is social, so communicate your personality

Kasey Miller

Strong team player; an extrovert who fit with Kellogg

John Wilson

I’m a people person; wanted to build relationships to make a difference

I know why I want an MBA

Venkat Jonnala

Clarity about my story and why I want an MBA

Sharon Liszanckie

I had a real, tangible vision for my career, now was a good time to do it

Wendy Lu

Wanted to convey that I was thougthful and knew why an MBA was good for me; and that I could contribute to the MBA community

Passion for a cause

Mars Hanna

I'm very committed to climate change; make it clear that I needed an MBA

Will Conkling

Passion for a cause, which is the reason I'm getting an MBA; family matters to me

General advice

Benjamin Olds

Looked at my work history to list out all the traits I exhibited repeatedly

Kahn Jekarl

Not afraid to get my hands dirty and do the work; Sloan is all about that; be passionate about something, deep in your soul

Seth Familian

Academically accomplished, creative, innovative, analytical, and boundless energy

Eric Dittmar

You need a couple spikes in your application; the rest has to be good enough