G4. What questions did you ask the interviewer?

A lot of MBAs forget to prepare questions to ask the interviewer (I did),

Some candidates even forget to ask questions at all. This generally sits badly with the interviewer.

Prepare some real questions! Some tips on what questions to ask and how to ask them are below.

Prepare to ask questions, ask good ones

Elizabeth Kearney

Asking good questions is a very differentiating quality in applicants

John Wilson

Have fun with it! We joked around for a while.

Venkat Jonnala

COUNTERPOINT (and the only one): I did my research and had no questions; so I didn't ask any

Ask about the interviewer's experience at the school; Focus on cultural fit

Andi Rugg

Ask about life at school; you'll be there for 2 years and be branded for life

David Adams

Make all your questions school specific

Danielle Conkling

Use interviews to learn about fit; show that you're thoughtful about the school's culture

Kahn Jekarl

Demonstrate your knowledge about the school; get specific

Don't ask questions you can find on the web

Elizabeth De Montigny

Don't ask questions where you can get the answer on the web

Gaurav Bhattacharyya

Definitely don't ask questions you can get from the web site, other students, or published materials; what are they looking for in the class composition?

Questions specific to my background, career goal

Ben Cohen-Leadholm

If someone was accepted and did not matriculate, why? Asked questions about my entrepreneurship background

Ask for advice about how to get the most out of the MBA

Benjamin Olds

Asked them for advice; gave them opportunities to say why they were great

What do you think the school can do better?

Anjali Saraf

Ask what you think the school could do better; don't want to hear just about the good

General advice

Alex Slawsby

Tried to ask a challenging or unexpected question to show you put in the time

Wendy Lu

I prefer to have the questions evolve from the conversation and body language