G2. What were some of the common interview questions?

The web has some terrific resources for common MBA interview questions. Many Fat Envelopes interviewees used them to prepare. Some are organized, some are free-form forums. Here are the ones we like most:

  1. The official website of the GMAT, mba.com
  2. Aringo, a GMAT prep company
  3. MBA Heaven, an admissions consulting service
  4. Veritas Prep, another GMAT prep company
  5. ClearAdmit, an admissions consulting service and interview archive

Certainly there are a whole set of "describe a time when you ... failed / had a difficult time with your boss / went above and beyond". There are generic questions like "describe yourself".

The most important set of questions to prepare are: Why an MBA? Why now? Why this school?

Harpreet Marwaha talks about some of the common questions; also about keeping it fresh

Murali Krishnan talks about the why MBA and why MIT Sloan questions; along with strengths/weaknesses, integrity, adversity