G1. What was your approach for preparing for interviews?

Many people royally ^*#(((@ up their first interview, generally by not preparing sufficiently. Very few people are such natural interviewers that they can waltz in.

Most MBAs emphasize that you need to have very clear recall on your resume and the rest of your application. Have all your stories ready and top of mind.

For both your own peace of mind and for the interview, have very clear, succinct, and deeply thought answers to "Why an MBA? Why now? Why this school?". It's the same set of meta-questions that is crucial for the application.

There is a long tail of additional tactics here - pick and choose the ones that make sense to you.

Review your resume/application, prepare stories

Christina Chang

3 step approach: read resume, review application, look for common questions

Gaurav Bhattacharyya

Internalize your application and your stories

Jeff Haxer

Reviewed resume and essays; just have fun with it

Harpreet Marwaha

Have an elevator pitch for everything in your resume: what was it, why was it interesting, what were the results?

Why an MBA? Why now? Why this school?

Danielle Conkling

Give the pitch of why MBA, why now, why this school?

Tom Rose

You need to be able to answer Why this school? Why an MBA? Why now?

Create list of questions (look online), prepare answers

Chris Gallant

Need to prepare answers for the common questions; doesn't have to be memorized

Jay Wong

Wharton has a particular process; generic and formulaic, but you have to come across as un-rehearsed

Reinforce that the school is a great fit for you

Jay Palace

Think about why you want to go to that school; find the reasons they might not take you, and answer those

Murali Krishnan

Every business school has a different feel; fit is important

Be authentic, likable, engaging

Benjamin Olds

Wanted to show that I was personable; the interview started on the walk to the room

David Sauvage

I do interviews for UCLA; refresh your memory of the school, know what you're talking about; be likable

Reinforce the themes from your application

Elizabeth De Montigny

I reviewed my application and determined which themes I wanted to convey in the interview

Colleen Duke

This is who I am, this is what I want to do; forthright

Do mock interviews

Jason Liu

Doing a mock interview, talking about it in person, is a lot different

Gina Collins

Worked with my husband to do mock interviews

Use the interview to fill holes in your application

Daniel Siegman

What are my compelling stories? What didn't make it into the application?

Dan Gagne

Use stories that you haven't already used in your application

First interview was a disaster, or I got really lucky

Jason Mitchell

Didn't prepare for first interview and it was a disaster; preparation takes the edge off your nerves

Andi Rugg

I was completely unprepared; I should have reiterated the qualities in my application; don't use the same story in your essay

Sharon Liszanckie

I bought a new, conservative suit! Believed that interviewing was a strength, which was hubris; don't bank on rapport with the interviewer

Google your interviewers in advance (LinkedIn, Facebook)

John Wilson

I relentlessly stalked my interviewers online before the interview: LinkedIn, Facebook, whatever information I could get