E10. Any other thoughts about the essays?

Below is a grab-bag of other thoughts about essays. This was an open-ended question, designed to pull out anything we missed that MBAs thought was important about essays.

Essays take soooooo much time, start early

Daniel Siegman

It's a process that's very hard to rush

Seth Familian

You cannot get these done in a weekend; take the time to fail

Jay Palace

Don't give up because you're tired; keep going!

Communicate your qualities clearly; It's more personal than you think

Andi Rugg

Be really clear about the qualitities you want to communicate

David Sauvage

The rules for writing a good essay are not what you think they are

Christina Chang

Essays must include your heart and soul; you have to set yourself apart

Be honest, genuine, yourself

Masa Masuyama

I was scared and intimidated by the schools; they want you to be yourself

Jon Kornik

Figure out what is special about you and answer the questions honestly

Jonathan Achenbach

If you're perfect, you have no reason to go back to school - be honest

Have a really good hook, tell a story

Tom Rose

Show, don't tell, use stories

Alex Slawsby

There's a law of large numbers for MBA applicants; you have to stand out, and very quickly

Take the time to write a shorter letter

Kahn Jekarl

Start with a long version, then whittle it down

Benjamin Olds

With a clear outline across the whole application, it was easy to write short, pithy essays

General advice

Christina Claudio

Do I believe my own story? Am I really ready to go for an MBA?