E1. How did you feel about the essay writing process?

Feelings about the essay writing process vary widely, but are universally strongly held. You might love it, you might hate it, and you often can't understand why someone would feel different.

  • Hated it: "Goes down as one of the worst periods of my life. Good luck, guys!"
  • Meh: "Worked on keeping a positive attitude, focusing on items I can control, and moving past failure"
  • Loved it: "I loved it, but I'm a professional writer; one of the most personally challenging and awesome experiences I've had"

Those who loved the process tended to be writers with a lot of introspection. Those who hated it tended to be engineers. Both have some passionately hilarious videos below! And there's some good advice about how to manage your emotions.

Loved it


Liked it




Very challenging, ultimately rewarding


Very challenging, disliked it


Hated it