C2. How much did you tailor each cover letter to the individual school?

Some cover letter tailoring techniques are covered in C1, so we'll keep this section short.

Most MBAs agree on the fundamentals: do your research on the school, visit the school, and show why you're passionate about that school.

However, some MBAs used a template (Mad Libs style) and some argue strongly to start from scratch.

Anjali Saraf

Show why you're passionate about each school; nothing can come across as generic, so start from scratch; go visit the school

Jeff Haxer

Applications take so much time; cover letters are one place you can use boilerplate, Mad Libs style

Wendy Lu

For each school, picked out a program, philosophy, or student activity

Gaurav Bhattacharyya

Talk about things that the school values (e.g., entrepreneurism, student involvement)

Danielle Conkling

There are a lot of great candidates out there; this is your elevator pitch