C1. How did you approach writing your cover letter?

The cover letter is not commonly used in MBA applications anymore. A few schools do still use it.

MBAs mainly used the cover letter to emphasize why they wanted an MBA, why now was the right time, and why this was the right school. An executive summary of the rest of their application.

Sometimes, they introduced new content in the cover letter and used it to fill in gaps in the application.

It was also commonly seen as a hook or attention grabber; something to pique their interest.

Explain why an MBA and why now

Chris Gallant

Explain the path of today, through the MBA, and reaching my goals

David Adams

Explain why you want an MBA and why you want it now

Harpreet Marwaha

Who am I? Why am I here? Why is this MBA program the best one for me?

Explain why this MBA school fits you

Elizabeth De Montigny

Opportunity to show personality and explain why this MBA school fits you; start from scratch on every letter

Alex Slawsby

Be very compelling about why this school is the only one for you; make it memorable

Executive summary of your application

Dan Gagne

Think of the cover letter as an executive summary of your full application; also use it to fill in gaps

Ken Blewett

The cover letter is a great opportunity to explain more of your story and outline your application

Kahn Jekarl

Think wholistically about your entire application

Keep it short

Ezra Englebardt

If the letter isn't short, interesting, and tailored to the school, it's a shitty letter

Tell a good story

Ben Cohen-Leadholm

Have a hook, be gripping, tell a story

General advice

Eric Dittmar

Cover letter is within your control; wrote a gazillion drafts and got outside feedback

Jay Palace

Start with a communications brief: who is the audience?

Gaurav Bhattacharyya

Used the cover letter to set context for the resume and pique their interest