Video equipage and expertise

A lot of people have been asking about the video equipment. How much was it? How did I learn how to use it? The video-taping equipment is pretty simple: a $700 Canon camera, $100 lighting, miscellaneous cables/boxes/converters, $150 lavaliere mic. The video editing equipment is a bit more: mac laptop, 8TB RAID hard drive system, two other backup hard drives (I’m paranoid about losing irreplaceable content). Caveat: this setup is *very* unprofessional. Someone who knew what they were doing would probably have convulsions looking at this. I learned to use this stuff a little bit in high school, but mostly I’m self-taught. Had some great advice from radio/tv/film friends Adam & Cindy. Read a bunch of articles on the net. Experimented. Which mic is best (built-in/lavaliere/shotgun)? Try ‘em all! 3 point interview lighting on the cheap: mobile, easy to set up