Variation and modes of answers (and churches of guns and bones)

Many thanks to all the interviewees in San Francisco so far: Eric, Joel, Danielle, and Ashish! Now that I’m done with 11 interviews, patterns are starting to emerge. Most questions have a single bell curve: largely similar answers with natural variation and a few outliers. For example, most people have similar recommendations about cover letters: use them to hook your reader and lay out the framework of your essays, but don’t take many risks, as the cover letter can mostly hurt more than help. However, some answers are bi-modal. GMAT study - some people are naturally good test-takers and did self-study with a book and some practice tests for a few weeks. Others poured heart and soul into studying, recognizing that it was going to be both a difficult test and an important test given the rest of their application’s strengths/weaknesses.

I’ve been thinking of ways to capture this on the website when it launches. Let me know if you have some ideas about good visualizations. San Francisco is a terrific and odd place; it’s been treating me well. At the de Young museum, a Gothic church made of bullets, shot, guns, and human bones.