On memory and relaxing

Two things became obvious to me during interviews today.

1) Most people have a far better memory than I do: they can recall the subjects of their essays with clarity, conversations with admissions folks, and even details about their recommenders. I’m lucky to remember that I got into school. Maybe it’s because my essays were so bad I needed to block them out.

2) Jeff had good advice that few of us take: relax. Yeah, I know, it’s the last thing you want to hear when you're stressed, so I’m telling you now before you start your application process (or it’s already submitted). Relax. You’ll write better essays if you take a deep breath and enjoy the process. I’ve been able to do that same thing with Fat Envelopes and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. My take on the forest of hanging clay and lights at the Denver Art Museum’s /Overthrown/ exhibit; I really want this in my next house.