Meta-mega-theme #01

Normally, my questions and the MBAs’ answers are tactical. How did you prepare for the GMAT? How closely did you work with your recommenders on the content of your letters? All of these tactics will be shown on the website, both quantitatively (in charts & graphs) and qualitatively (through the videos). However, I’m developing some sense of major meta mega themes that are universal (or nearly so) to these successful MBA applicants.

#01: Genuinosity to the extreme

Throughout the essays, resumes, letters of recommendation, and the rest of your application, be as genuine as you possibly can. First, the admissions folks can smell fake like yesterdays eggs. Second, everybody else who is applying is in the same boat; they are not magically better than you are or have started 10 of their own companies. Third, lying is bad. Fourth, the essays are a lot easier to write if you are just being yourself (well, the best version of yourself). Be genuine. Fried oreos at the San Gennaro feast in Little Italy in NYC are definitely *not* genuine Italian.