Confessions of an MBA applicant

Back in 2004-2005, I applied to 4 MBA programs: Stanford, Kellogg, MIT, and U of Michigan. I got into 0. None. Zippo. Thankfully, I got waitlisted at MIT. Thanks for help and advice from my friend Ramin (Sloan ‘05), begged, borrowed, and stole my way into an interview with MIT. During my interview, the admissions officer (call him AO) was great and straightforward. The conversation went something like this.

AO: “We’ll let you know for sure in a couple days, but I feel good about your chances of getting into the class. It was really good that we got a chance to interview you.”

Me: “Great! I’m really glad the interview worked out well!”

AO: “No, it was *really* good we had a chance to interview you.”

Me, hesitating: “I ... agree! I’m glad it went well.”

AO: “No, you don’t understand, it was *really* good that you got an interview. Your essays were so bad we couldn’t tell what your personality was like.”

Me, cringing.

So, you can see that I have a bit of personal motivation for this project