Beginnings of a manifesto

A number of companies have reclaimed the word “manifesto” to outline a corporate philosophy. Some of them feel more like a Life is Good advertisement, like Holstee’s Manifesto. It would be easy to dismiss them as feel-good tripe, but I think there’s a bit more depth and usefulness there. In that spirit, here are the beginnings of a Fat Envelopes Manifesto.

From the first day of orientation, MBAs are exposed to a singular truth in business: we live and thrive on our skills, but even more on the strength of our connections. Most MBAs you meet are willing to offer advice, even if they only have a few minutes to spare. Selfish or altruistic, we’ll never know, and it doesn’t matter: MBAs are helpful folk. Fat Envelopes was only possible because of their desire to help me as an individual and those who will become part of the community soon. It becomes a philosophy. Better yourself. Always be ready to help your community. Success is sourced from the crowd.

Definitely a work in progress. Thoughts?