B8. What causes a resume to be immediately thrown away?

MBAs had very strong opinions about some qualities that immediately cause them to scream in frustration, tear up a resume, light it on fire, or otherwise ignore any good content you might have. Make sure that your resume has none of these qualities.

Bad optics (formatting, white space)

Benjamin Olds

3 minutes should be sufficient for me to get through everything on your resume

Jay Wong

Bad optics cause a resume to be thrown away

Kahn Jekarl

No one wants to see a black wall of text, like opening a Dostoevsky novel

Grammar or spelling mistakes

Wendy Lu

I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi; and lack of whitespace gives me a headache

Jon Kornik

Want a certain degree of perfectionism; grammar mistakes make it clear you don't have it

Industry jargon, inaccessible

Ken Blewett

Millitary people often don't communicate in ways the audience can understand

Seth Familian

Make it accessible! If I can't understand it, I don't want to hire you

Longer than 1 page

Jason Mitchell

A guy with 2 years of experience sent me a 5 page resume

Personal impact is not clear

Jonathan Achenbach

Say what you did; mention the team and context if you need to

Lying, claiming successes that are too big

David Adams

I will rip to shreds any person who tries to claim too much

Roy Johanson

It's a fine line: needs to be impressive without claiming too much

Tom Rose

I have found resumes that were straight up lies

Objectives section

Ezra Englebardt

I don't need a statement of why you're here; I know why you're here

Other advice

Masa Masuyama

What does it mean to say "excellent communicator"?

Elizabeth De Montigny

This person is great! But her email is sunshinesweetheart@yahoo.com??