B6. How did you talk about the reasons you left your most recent employer?

Most MBAs either talk about the change as a career enhancement or a career switch. Both are common and easily explainable answers.

Some MBAs are lucky enough to have a natural transition point. If you are a consultant or banker, you are expected to leave after 2-3 years.

Though not all MBAs said this explicitly, most agree that simple and true answers are best for this question. The admissions committee can sniff out fabricated stories and, usually, the truth is sufficient for this question. If you don't have a good true story, consider whether business school is right for you right now.


General advice

Murali Krishnan

Going to MBA is either for career enhancement or career switches

Jon Kornik

I loved my work and it was a very difficult decision to leave; my story to the admissions committee did not reflect that

Eric Dittmar

My previous roles were not exciting or meaningful; how can I make sure that this job yields a better job?

David Adams

You never want to badmouth your previous employer or role

Ezra Englebardt

Narrative about what you want and why the MBA is crucial

Fill gaps in skill set; Growth has plateaued, need accelerant

Sharon Liszanckie

Needed the skills to scale a learning model from one class to an entire heterogeneous school system

Benjamin Olds

Had given what I could to the current job, and taken what I could

Alex Slawsby

Had plateaued in current job - needed a way to learn deeply to advance

Wendy Lu

Having a positive focus and being growth oriented is key

Was a natural time to leave

Anjali Saraf

Consulting is an industry with a natural leaving point; growth had slowed

Dan Gagne

Was a consulting analyst - it was a common step to take and the company paid for it

A story that was true and simple

Sheila Krishnan

Always be honest; admissions committee can tell

Harpreet Marwaha

As long as your story is simple and makes sense, it's fine

Jay Palace

Just answer the question with what is true

Decision for my family

Ken Blewett

While I enjoyed my time in the military, it was not conducive to raising a family