B5. What were your resume’s extracurricular, hobbies, and interests?

85% of MBAs include an Extracurricular, Hobbies, or Interests section. It shows more about your humanity and gives conversation hooks for your interviewer. A few MBAs (15%) do not like this section and did not include it.

There is a lot of debate about what should be in this section. A significant minority of MBAs believe strongly that this section should only be included if you have high achievement or unusual activities; things that show commitment, investment of time, excellence, and/or leadership.

Do you have an Extracurricular, Hobbies, or Interests section?

What topics did you include in that section?

There are a number of topics regularly covered in the Extracurricular, Hobbies, or Interests section.

Did not include this section

Masa Masuyama

Didn't have space for it; wanted the resume to focus on career and used the essays to show personality

Anjali Saraf

Hated this section when she was recruiting; the work experience is more important

Include this section only if you have unusual and strong achievements

Eric Dittmar

Don't have a section right now because all attention is on my work; only include this section if you have strong passions

Gina Collins

Only include leadership activities or keen interests; not "hiking, biking, cooking"

Ezra Englebardt

Only include wacky or high achieving activities; save room for the work section

Did include this section

Jay Palace

People admit people, not lists of accomplishments

Harpreet Marwaha

Find the right balance between cookie cutter and weird distractions

Jon Kornik

Help the admissions commitmee to know me as a person; included both unusual activities and examples that people easily related to

Tom Rose

People latch on to your hobbies more than your work; sailing, saxophone, and swing dance instructor

Saritha Peruri

Should include talking points for an interview to make you seem like an interesting colleague

Gaurav Bhattacharyya

Used the section to support the story and themes in the rest of the application

The importance of community service

Victor Calanog

If you made your community stronger, in a meaningful way, then I want you as a colleague

Mustally Hussain

Community service is very important - if you aren't doing any now, get started yesterday

Alternative section title and content

Christina Claudio

Didn't have Hobbies section, but did have Leadership and Skills sections