B4. How did you describe your academic experience on your resume?

The vast majority of MBAs had small Education sections, focused mainly on the school name, major, GPA, and honors. They saved as much space as possible for the Work section.

Consensus is that if your undergrad GPA is good (> 3.5/4.0), include it. Otherwise, leave it off.

The Academic section is always after the Work section, sometimes after the Interests/Activities section.

General advice

John Wilson

Chose extracurriculars that highlighted leadership skills

Mars Hanna

Had a non-traditional background - theater major - minimized the academic section

Danielle Conkling

Had brand name internships, included them most of the time, even though one of them is a controversial congresswoman

Chris Gallant

Had only 2 years of work experience, so academic experience was more important

Kahn Jekarl

Highlight special projects and leadership experiences to show passion for gaming

Saritha Peruri

Include GPA if it's good; include extracirriculars and elected positions, but just put the titles

Wendy Lu

Listed school, degree, year, and a couple extracurricular activities

Christina Claudio

Social justice study abroad program in Chile during the end of the Pinochet era