B3. What did you struggle with most in the work section of your resume?

Getting a resume down to 1 page is a must. It's also hard to make a resume tight and concise, while still explaining your work and your impact. Outside advice and iteration are crucial. Both activities are also helpful for translating your resume to clear and plain English.

MBAs also struggle to stand out. Some of this is a problem of perception: aren't all my fellow applicants terribly successful geniuses who've made a billion dollars? You need to believe in your own accomplishments.

Making it short, concise, and pithy

Jonathan Achenbach

Getting it down to 1 page, parsing it down, removing jargon

Venkat Jonnala

Some bullets had been core to the resume before, but now needed to be removed

Ezra Englebardt

Condensing multiple roles and progression into concise and important bullets

Standing out amongst applicants

Jay Wong

As an investment banking analyst, how do you stand out from your peers?

Victor Calanog

Overcoming doubts about accomplishments (starting gyms and restaurants)

Will Conkling

Believing in your own accomplishments and get over the hump of "I'm not good enough"

Ben Cohen-Leadholm

Worked for small, unknown startups and needed to stand out

Translating my industry language to clear English

David Sauvage

Translating playwright and filmmaker accomplishments to business language

Murali Krishnan

Translating millitary language to something the admissions committee can understand; must be one page

Showing career progress towards a goal

Gina Collins

Showing that your career has a theme and a goal, and the MBA is on that path

Sharon Liszanckie

Showing evolution as a professional teacher despite no title changes

Capturing and quantifying the intangible

Ken Blewett

Being in combat for 15 months was a great leadership experience, but hard to make tangible

Amber Turley

Had a relationship-based wealth management role and needed to quantify it

Worked for many different companies

Wendy Lu

Had 6 roles in 5 years at 3 different companies; lumped together roles