B2. What were some work experience bullets on your resume?

Writing bullets is hard. It takes many, many iterations to create short, pithy, universally clear bullets that are correctly crafted for the MBA admissions committee.

Start by looking at the bullets in my resume.

Keep the resume to 1 page. This is a must.

Sample bullets

Then, look at some of the sample bullets from Fat Envelopes MBAs below:

  • Managed a personal wealth portfolio of $X million

  • Fee retention rate of 85% vs industry average of 30%

  • Achieved New Advisor of the Year award, youngest woman in company history

  • Developed internal model for video rotation engine that increased design productivity by 30%

  • Led team of engineers through complexity reduction from 8 parts per vehicle to 2, saving $20 million per year

  • Supervised team of 6 people to execute national media tour across 10 cities

  • Sold $X00,000 of ads to launch the first issue of Wild on the Fly magazine

  • Launched a new product for Proctor & Gamble, resulting in 1 billion impressions

  • Developed to lead entire deal process, with minimal supervision

  • Led negotiation team for $X million investment in Y Company, worked with Board to hiring new pricing team

  • Sold and executed economic loss report for victims of September 11th to secure $1 million per family

  • Worked with set designer using 30 materials to design multiple sets traveling around the country

  • Built world's first LEED Platinum residence hall at Duke University

  • Led team of 15 volunteers into Papua New Guinea to restore elementary school in support of Pacific Partnership 2007 exercise

    • Developed a process whereby we used referrals to generate new clients, generating X new meetings and Y new clients

    • Led a team of X artists and engineers to deliver off-road racing game

    • Taught successful inaugural gaming class at NYU as adjunct professor, enrollment jumped by 80% for following year

    • Served X projects in last 12 months, including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, etc.

    • Supervised a group of 5 analysts who each managed X clients

    • Managed Super Bowl bid analysis and breakdown of game day costs, yielding additional $500,000

    • Responsible for the development of an instructional model to reach 100 students at 4 levels of ability within heterogeneous environment

    • Migrated an organization of X,000 people to new software, saving $X million per year

    • Wrote all speeches and formal correspondence on behalf of NYC Fire Chief X

    • Helped close $1.4 million in new business in first year

    • Transformed genetic counselor role to increase access for 180 cystic fibrosis patients through counselor coordination plan

    • Led platoon of 18 soldiers and 4 vehicles, with $5 million in equipment on 500 combat missions

    • Worked on a clean sheet capital redesign of a greenfield iron ore mine, identifying opportunities to double NPV of project, resulting in Board approval

    • Successfully killed a product that was a drain on Company Y's P&L

    General advice

    Lastly, watch some of the videos below for general advice about how to construct bullets that really show impact and results.

    Eric Dittmar

    A harrowing and hopeful story of mergers at a financial institution

    Will Conkling

    Convey that I managed a team and a project; find the best writer in your life and ask for their help

    Mars Hanna

    Create many drafts; expand and then contract down to core elements

    Alex Slawsby

    Focus on the special, impressive results that delivered an ROI

    David Adams

    For consulting, highlight the potential results of the work and the brand names of the clients; write them down, trim out 1/3 of words, send to a friend, iterate

    Colleen Duke

    How to explain a job that's difficult to explain

    John Wilson

    Less about quantifying, more about the story that stands out

    David Sauvage

    Make sure they understand what you actually did on Tuesday

    Roy Johanson

    Quantify the impact of the performance, being specific about the result; resumes are a device to stimulate conversation

    Tom Rose

    Rapid review is crucial; even some great accomplishments don't read well

    Saritha Peruri

    Start with an action verb and end with the 'so what'