B1. What were the messages you were trying to convey with work experience section of your resume?

There is a broad range of answers to this question. And fairly strong opinions for all of them.

Consider the full range of answers below. Think about which answers match your strengths, your situation. Then watch some of the videos below. There's no one or two clear answers and you'll need to feel your way through this.

Leadership, management experience

Dan Gagne

Have to show leadership - even if you weren't a manager, show how you lead a project or an idea

Kahn Jekarl

Technical ability combined with confident leadership

Ken Blewett

Translate unique military leadership experience to business

Breadth of experience

Akhil Nigam

Breadth of experience, increasing levels of responsibility, and a set of learnings to use in business school

Priya Gandhi

Show a well-rounded experience beyond analytical roles

Ezra Englebardt

Worked at many companies, so couldn't show depth; went for breadth

Quantified accomplishments; Impressive accomplishments

Eric Dittmar

Need to look impressive through quantified results

Victor Calanog

Quantify impact on the community: number of students, evaluation scores; show the value you've created

Saritha Peruri

The list of buzzwords is the same for all schools: driven, analytical, accomplished

Career progression

Jon Kornik

Moved from consulting to a carbon finance startup; show progression of responsibilties


Tom Rose

How can I send a signal that others can't send?

David Adams

Needed to differentiate myself from white, male, consultants from the Northeast

Alex Slawsby

Unique and thoughtful accomplishments to show I'm an impressive person

General advice

Gina Collins

Prior to applying, got an internal internship in the career I wanted

John Wilson

Talked more about the personal relationships rather than quantified deals

Mars Hanna

Needed to re-orient resume from public sector to business; writing and synthesis skills

Daniel Siegman

Showed impact while trying to remain factual and not boasting

Kasey Miller

Tailored the messaging to each school

David Sauvage

The most important thing is to get the admissions committee to know you