A6. Would you go get an MBA again?

MBAs feel overwhelmingly positive about their experience in the program. 80% would do it again without hesitation. Not a single person regrets their decision.

3 MBAs would sign up to literally, not figuratively, do it a second time.


Would literally do it again

Elizabeth De Montigny

I would literally do it again; I would double do it

Sharon Liszanckie

The best educational investment I've made

Jay Palace

It's 2 years of awesome brainstorming


Saritha Peruri

2 years of drinking and traveling!

Gina Collins

It's a life changing experience

David Adams

Filled in the gaps in my professional career and the personal connections were amazing

Andi Rugg

One of the best things I've ever done

Yes, but would do it differently

Jon Kornik

Would go in with different expectations

Colleen Duke

The very large sticker shock can limit future opportunities