A5. Why did you want an MBA?

The majority of MBAs wanted to learn new skills. Sometimes that was to progress in their current career, sometimes it was to switch careers. These are common story lines in essays as well.

Many MBAs viewed business school as a low-risk opportunity to take a break and think about what they wanted to do. However, no one thought this was a good thing to say in essays. It's understood that you need to show a clear career path, even if you're not sure it's true.

John Wilson

Try out new career paths, figure out what you want to do

Wendy Lu

Didn't know what she wanted to do next

Kasey Miller

Important for women to have advanced degrees

Harpreet Marwaha

Gain new skills to be a better entrepreneurial leader

Akhil Nigam

Level up entrepreneur skills to learn to run larger corporations

David Adams

Current career path was too narrow, met MBAs and really liked them

Amber Turley

Switch function within your industry

Anjali Saraf

Fill in gaps in her formal education, continue consulting career

Jon Kornik

Wanted to CONTROL THE WORLD, and to work on personal growth

Gaurav Bhattacharyya

MBA opens new doors, especially if you're not sure what you want to do

David Sauvage

Bring MBA skills to the film industry, bridge between business and creative people

Mars Hanna

Future of energy is at the nexus of business and government

Tom Rose

This is a 7 part answer: why do people get an MBA? No, it's a 6 part answer.

Daniel Siegman

Learn new skills to progress investment career, become a better leader

Benjamin Olds

Consulting or bust - MBA was the only way

Christina Claudio

Law school? Take all standardized tests? Can you contribute to your MBA class?